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Mi Amor E.S

I open my eyes to see the reflection of the clouds dancing with the waves of the water. The lake, Lago de Coatepeque was created by a volcano thousands of years ago. The rage carries on, but this time it does not harm. It whispers freedom to a girl born into the American Dream. My dreams are of a land I just met, but feel within me.

I became one with turqoise hues in El Salvador. A land I did not grow up familiar with. The journey to find my identity led me on paths of art, love, and longing. A longing for something I did not know, but the emotions that manifested from this longing were daydreams of green I had yet to see in this concrete jungle of a city of Los Angeles. I had not experienced what it would be like to be within complete silence. To be away from the winds created by cars. All I knew were the street names of L.A, and a pupusaria close to my house.

My mother has worked two jobs my whole life. This was a result of many occurrences seemingly out of her control. She had left her home country of El Salvador at the age of 4 with memories of detached limbs on the floor. She had left due to the civil war along with many others seeking refuge. Forty six years later, we went back home.


You weigh heavy

On a young girl's curiosity

You hold answers

To questions waiting to be asked

You nurture those who need you to live and give them warmth, even on rainy days

You're coloured with all the green I wished to see

That only appeared in the daydreams

I had in the city

I couldn’t imagine how pretty you’d be

And how much of that reflects back to me

You held me in your essence long before I was born

But a little girls mind couldn’t understand just how torn

The past has left you

So many left you

And held fears of what you might be


I say

To see you is

To be you

To live for you

To jump in your ancient lake of volcanic rage

You feel so cool today

Turquoise hues

I embody you

While you heal me

The pain passes like the clouds

And I understand now

I’m here for your lessons

Bless me with your essence

And I find myself


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