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The Human Journey

What was once fathomed became a reality

Maybe a little too quickly, but this is what we asked for

We asked for


We asked for


To emphasize what love is

We put the pieces together

Again and again

Until we can not pretend

That it is what we have always known

Despite amnesia we’ve grown

Back to our roots

That life thrives on


What needs nurturing

Inspire the nurturing to take place

The opportunity comes in all forms

It comes

On the bus

With two bags full of homegrown nopal

It comes from a country you were forced to seek asylum from

Love is in abandoning the child you knew you were not capable of caring for

And burning the bridges that would have taken you back home

This too is love

Layered with pain

The kind of pain

That pushes one to love harder

It is the driving force of that daughter

Who in turn spent her life surviving

Thriving in a dream where love was hiding


Pushing one, no four

To reach for happiness even if that means being too far


Funny how she looks up to me

I find

The light in her life has been revived

We sit to watch the sky, yet

It’s in her eyes I see my


I find that love

Is closer than you think

It makes you heart sing

And sink

To the repressed memories

That draw you to observe the little things

I find

That love comes back

Even after 40 years

Even after the heavy tears

And years of harboring unanswered questions


It knows


Lives and dies

You wanted this,

The journey of a lifetime.