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My name is Samantha Nieves. East Los Angeles based artist, writer, organizer.

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My Story

The sociological perspective has always influenced me to seek answers my curiosity asks. The work ethic my mother has displayed to me from an early age has influenced my ambition to ask, connect, and voice my opinions on public matters. I thrive in my fight to maintain culture, value, and solidarity in community efforts that demand resources that are our right.

My passion for civic engagement began at the East Los Angeles County Library where I curated an event for my community that was culturally relevant, expressive, and insightful. Los Angeles based non-profits I have worked with include Inner-City Arts, Self Help Graphics, Legacy LA, and Psyches of Color. My path has led me to actively discover ways to engage communities with the healing medium of art. The mediums I use reflect my experience growing up in my community as well as embody the creative process that brings me peace and a sense of healing. 

The hustle continues. Currently I am a full-time student, Co-Chair of M.E.Ch.A, and Getty Marrow Education and Community Engagement Intern at the Vincent Price Art Musuem located in East Los Angeles. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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